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Geeny In A Bottle

Do you feel tired, achy and sore when you wake up in the morning?

I have the healing answers for you!

Gina is a Registered Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor with 16 years in Massage experience,and 10 years yoga instructing.

Swedish Relaxation Massage & European Seated Massage Techniques at The Calgary College of Holistic Health and Clinics Inc. December 19, 2004.

Therapeutic Touch Levels One, Two, and Level Three, and completed her Certificate of Level II Hot & Cold Stone Massage - June 2006.

Gina is an active and outstanding Member of NHPC Association with required 2200 Hours.

Certified Aromatherapist completed the Aromatherapy program at Mount Royal College, Centre for Complimentary Health in April, 2001.

With Yoga Certification, Gina Practiced at Sunshine Yoga Academy in 2011 with 200 hours training.

Meditation, Relaxation and Limbering of the Joints & Glands with the Traditional Hatha Yoga Instruction.

Breathing, Mediation and Relaxation along with asana (poses).


“We enjoy Gina’s Chair yoga, and there are over 28 students in the class; highly recommended!” Susan, Kathy, Arnie, Clarice, Doug and others at the Triwood Community Centre

“Geenyinabottle has been teaching this ol feller to be younger again through her VERY well explained demonstrative approach to new students like me to yoga! She is a patient teacher well worth the effort to join in on her weekly classes.
I had a private yoga lesson and learned a great deal about flexibility and inner powers. Her one on one yoga can certainly benefit the unique private individual such as me.” Andrew Campbell

“Gina has a unique and effective style. Combining energy work with massage modalities she is a true healer guiding the body back to health.” Heidy Rodriguez

“Best gentle, relaxing massage ever. Gina’s gentle touch is worth every penny!” Anne Marie De Groot

“I enjoy the treatments of reflexology using hot stones and arthritis essential oil blends on my feet and hands. The therapeutic touch helps me to relax and heal.” Zach Geib, Garrison Green Seniors Community.

“Gina gives a healing session of reflexology using hot stones and aromatherapy on my feet and hands; helping the circulation and increase flexibility in my joints.” Nancy Raines, Garrison Green Seniors Community.

“Gina's massage treatments helped keep my 80 year old mother, Marion, vital and mobile until she was 90.Gina came to her residence room at Eau Claire Retirement Residence and Marion appreciated that she did not need to get on and off a massage table in order to have the massage to increase her circulation.Marion looked forward to her treatments and Gina's cheerful presence.” Carol Jefferies, PEng., Ph.D.

“Dear Gina, I wanted to thank you very much for the massages that you have been giving to my mother Eunice Milne at the Eau Claire Retirement Center.Mom has suffered from dizziness for many years. The reason for the dizziness has never been diagnosed. Before you began the massages I would often find her resting in bed with a "dizzy headache". Also when I would get her up she often was very shaky with the dizziness. Since the treatments she is doing much better in the area of dizziness. This is a real relief to my brothers and me that she has been able to get some relief from this awful affliction. Thank you for your care.” Heather Hansen, OT Reg (C)

“I wholeheartedly recommend Gina and the various services that she provides. I was looking for a way to treat my elderly mother, who had dementia and was living in a care facility, and thought Gina’s hot stone massage treatment would be great for her physical and mental health. My mother enjoyed the extra attention and perked up whenever Gina visited so I ended up hiring her to do weekly companion visits! She was extremely patient and caring; although it can be difficult to visit with someone who suffers from dementia, but Gina was always very compassionate and I know that my mother enjoyed the special, personalized attention she got from Gina’s visits. They would sing together and Gina would read to her, which really helped with keeping my mom stimulated. It was especially comforting having Gina during the holidays or other busy times when I wasn’t able to visit my mom as often as I would have liked. I could rely on Gina to keep me up to date with any issues or concerns she had regarding my mom’s care. Having an extra set of eyes to look out for my mom, a warm heart spending quality time with her and a trustworthy mind keeping me informed was more than I could have hoped for.” Jane Lidster

Gina has used Therapeutic Touch at the end of her massage sessions with me and it has helped to heal my shoulder pain. I highly recommend Therapeutic Touch as a healing modality!” Linda Rutter

Gina has taught me chair yoga now for 3 years at The Groves of Varsity, and my massage Therapist states that now that I've been involved in yoga classes, my tight muscles are gone. Thanks Gina!” Joan Patterson